Non-pharmacological treatment of chronic angina pectoris

Non-pharmacological treatment of chronic angina pectoris

REDUCER transplantation is a chronic angina pectoris treatment by increasing the pressure in the coronary artery sinus (the vein that drains blood from the heart muscle)

In this modern era of interventional cardiology, a controlled narrowing of the coronary artery can be induced (coronary artery sinus) without the need for open heart surgery, but by a relatively simple catheterization procedure done under local anesthesia, and the implantation of a special device named Reducer within the coronary sinus

The Reducer is made of a stainless-steel mesh and is mounted on a dedicated balloon which, in its inflated condition, takes the shape of a sand clock, which is inserted into the coronary sinus with a minimally invasive approach through a vein in the neck

About the procedure

More than 50 years ago, it had been suggested that increasing the pressure in the vein that drains blood from the heart (coronary sinus), improves blood flow to the ischemic heart muscle.

The main milestone in this study is the work of Beck, a heart surgeon from the United States, who in the 1950s and 1960s treated patients with severe angina by open heart surgery during which he induced a 60-70% reduction in the diameter of the primary vein draining the blood from the heart (the coronary sinus), leaving a space of 3 mm in diameter.

Fifty years ago, the results of this analysis showed a decrease in mortality rate within five years, improved functional status, and significantly reduced symptoms of angina pectoris.

Since 2000, several clinical and laboratory studies have been conducted, which show that interventional catheterization treatment to reduce chronic angina by increasing the pressure in the coronary sinus is safe for the patient and improves blood supply to areas of the heart muscle that suffer from reduced blood supply (ischemia)

About 82% of patients report a significant improvement in their life style.

I have had bypass surgery and numerous catheterization procedures. Finally, the doctor told me that he could not improve my feeling through catheterization, my quality of life was poor, and I continuously suffered from chest pain, walking 100 meters on a plane and even at rest

In my last catheterization, the cardiologist who treated me said that I could no longer be treated with catheterization or surgery, that I had to learn to live with this situation. I was desperate and in pain

The cardiologist recommended an innovative treatment for my angina, and I decided to undergo a Reducer implantation. Only a month later I no longer felt any pain, I could stop using sprays for treating angina, and even decided to return to sports activity. To my amazement, after a long period of time in which I was extremely limited, I could now swim 12 pool lengths without stopping and walk about a kilometer without any sense of distress

After six months I really felt that I had won the lottery! The Reducer transplant changed my life. I can swim 30-40 pools without stopping and can walk two kilometers without any strain and even with ease. This improvement continues up to this day, seven years later

Lev, 75:

I underwent numerous catheterizations, including one bypass surgery, each time my condition improved for a short period only, and then I continued to be hospitalized because of angina. In the last catheterization I underwent, the cardiologist who treated me decided that there was no room for further intervention. Unfortunately, I continued to suffer from pressure in my chest, which was burning during strain as well as at rest. I was not able to walk even 10 to 50 meters in the plane. About a month after the Reducer transplant I felt much better, I managed to walk a kilometer without any stress, swim for 10 minutes continuously and even returned to walking with my dog three times a day

Six months after the Reducer transplant, I felt so much better, I could walk two kilometers without stopping, climb two flights of stairs, return to teaching dance classes as a hobby, singing in my hometown choir, and even participate in the pensioners’ race

David, 62:

I general, I suffer from many health problems. I have cancer, I have diabetes, I have high blood pressure. In 1998, I had bypass surgery and since then I underwent 27 catheterizations, each of which benefited me for a short period of time. I was constantly suffering from angina, even at minimal strain, like in the shower or at rest. If I walked more than 100 meters on the plane I would feel pressure burning in my chest and I had difficulty breathing. It reached the point where I had pain even while talking. Another bypass surgery was not an option for me and the cardiologist recommended that I undergo a Reducer treatment. I decided that I had nothing to lose, and that was one of the best decisions I had made. My Reducer was implanted in a simpler and shorter procedure than previous catheterizations I had undergone

After a week I already felt better and gradually, within three months after the Reducer transplant, my condition improved dramatically. I managed to walk about two kilometers. I returned to full function at the printing house where I worked. I could pick up and play with grandchildren again. After six months I was able to do everything, without any limitation

A year has passed since the Reducer transplant. There is no happier man than me – than I have received my life back

Olga, 66:

I have been through five catheterizations, after which I felt relief for a short while and then the angina returned. I stopped walking, I could not climb stairs of more than two floors, and I took Isochut numerous times each day. I decided to undergo a Reducer transplant and a little over a month later I managed to walk for a continuous hour with a noticeable improvement in my feeling. The feeling of stress was remarkably reduced

Today, six months after the Reducer transplant, I feel great, I am not limited at all, I manage to function at home and at work, I happily take care of my grandchildren and sometimes even manage to chase the bus. The stress is gone

Haim, 68:

I have undergone four catheterizations and a bypass operation and despite all that I continued to suffer from severe angina. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with pressure in my chest. In order to walk 50 meters with light weight in my hands, I had to take Isochut spray before and during each walk, the discomfort bothered me constantly. I was not able to have sexual intercourse without pain and my quality of life was very poor

Six months after the Reducer transplant, I managed to walk a long distance without stopping, have sex without a problem, I’m very happy with my quality of life and I even go dancing

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