Drug therapy of chronic angina pectoris

Drug therapy of chronic angina pectoris

טיפול תרופתי בתעוקת חזה כרונית

Several families of drugs are being used to relieve the symptoms of angina pectoris during strain, for example:

1. Beta receptor blockers: drugs that slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduce the heart’s oxygen consumption. Drugs used in this family include: Normiten, Normalol, Concor, Cardiloc, Lupersor, Neobluc, and others.

2. Calcium channel blockers: drugs that dilute the arteries and reduce the strength of the heart muscle contraction. Drugs used in this family include: Norusk, Amelo, Adlate, Diltiism, Cardis, Ikkur, Vasodip, Ikapers, and more

3. Nitrates: drugs that affect the walls of the blood vessels and cause their expansion. Drugs used in Israel: Mononit, Monocord, Monolong, Isochut (sublingual spray), Neutralol (sublingual spray), Nitroderm (dermal sticker)

4. Potassium channel operators: cause blood vessel expansion and ease heart function. Drugs used: Nicoradil

5. The sodium channel inhibitors improve blood flow to the heart. Drug used: Ranulazine

When is it time to look into non-drug treatment options?

If you have undergone catheterization or coronary bypass surgery, you are under drug treatment controlled by a cardiologist, but you are still suffering from stubborn angina pectoris and poor quality of life, it is time to consider a novel  treatment option –  Non-pharmacological treatment of chronic angina pectoris